Badoo Review: What I Learned About This Social Dating App

Badoo Review: What I Learned About This Social Dating App

Trying to meet people online is not incredibly difficult. Especially when you’re using the right smartphone app to do so. I decided to give Badoo a try since I had a few friends using the app. My friends claim that it’s one of the best. I’m not sure I’d say it’s the best but it’s pretty good. I prefer a few others but this free dating app is worth checking out. Read my review of the Badoo app below to hear about all the details.

Badoo Review

Badoo is part of the impressive Blendr dating network. You can get results for free depending on the population in your area. If you need to extend your reach, you can purchase credits that will extend your reach. It is easy to download and join the network. There are added features that help you find dates far beyond what Blendr can do. This is a much more detail oriented app with a lot more choices of how to hook up with local girls.

Badoo is available in iTunes and Google play. Search the name and download. Sign in with Facebook, MSN, VK, Odnoklassnikl or Yandex or sign up using your name, birth date, zip code, gender and who you are there to meet. Also, you are required to add your mobile phone number for verification before using the site. Once you are in; you will need to fix your profile. Pictures from you Facebook page are randomly chosen so you might want to choose your favorites to represent you and delete the rest from the app. You can also edit the description of yourself.

Badoo had around 228,000,000 members at the time of this review in . They share their network with Blendr and a couple other free hookup apps. Apps like Badoo, especially ones that share a network with other apps, make literally thousands of women available to you on a regular basis. Each app that shares this network has its own unique features. meeting korean friends online It all depends how the functionality fits your needs and convenience.

Badoo is free to join and free to use. You can increase your visibility on the app by buying credits. They call it gaining your “Super Powers”. 100 credits gets your picture at the top of the “people nearby” section, put you at the top of search results or get your picture to show up more in the “encounters” section. Credits are $1.99 for 100, $9.99 for 600 credits with 100 free, $ for 1,250 credits with 250 free or $ for 2,950 credits with 700 free.

Badoo allows you to find people you know using your Yahoo, Windows Live, MSN, Hotmail, Gmail, or search by e-mail. You can earn credits by taking surveys and registering with other sites. Your popularity level is shown on the site and they offer tips to increase your popularity. Your mutual likes and friends appear under each picture. There is a “Maybe” button in case you are not sure. Most similar apps don’t have this.

My Badoo Review Based on Personal Experience

I tried my luck at Badoo not knowing what to expect. I met a lot of new girls, but some of them require a little work on my end to get in their pants. To my surprise; the first girl I hooked up with on Badoo was not a new girl at all. It was a girl that I had met at a party a couple years ago. We exchanged e-mails when I met her, but nothing ever came of it. I used the feature on the app that allowed me to connect with my e-mail accounts. This girl came up and she was even hotter than when I met her. She remembered me and we were able to get all the get to know you stuff out of the way.

If you have any questions or concerns with Badoo; open the Feedback tab. There you will see the categories Errors / Bugs, Ideas, Questions, Business Matters and Billing Questions. You click on the topic that is appropriate to your problem and you can send a message to customer service through the app.

Badoo App Conclusion

Between the extended network, search options and discovery options; Badoo is one of the most effective hook-up apps you can find. You can use your e-mail account to find people you know who are on the network. That opens up a whole new series of options to connect with people. The credit system is amazing and you can even earn extra credits without paying a thing. You could download Badoo if you want an app that works and does it’s job. However, if you’re looking for something that’s more straight forward and is part of the future of hooking up online I’d suggest getting a fling login and meeting people through that network. It’s got more potential and is far more straight forward when it comes to sex dating opportunities.

Of course I will! If you don’t want to deal with even going through all our reviews, you can check out the list below. it basically shows all the up-to-date hottest dating sites that I’ve been using for the last 12 months. Remember, I’m all about results and nothing more than that. Trust me when I say that they work like crazy.

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