Bottom so it absolutely nothing hottie on bosom of Thy love, and present it dairy throughout the breast off Thy Providence

Bottom so it absolutely nothing hottie on bosom of Thy love, and present it dairy throughout the breast off Thy Providence

Get this to absolutely nothing maidservant of Thine blessed and you can happier; trigger their to be treasured during the threshold from Thy oneness, and you may let her take in deep in the cup of Thy like so she can be full of rapture and you will ecstasy and you can diffuse nice-scented aroma

Applauded become Thou, O Lord my personal Jesus! Graciously offer that kid feel fed on breast away from Thy tender mercy and you may enjoying providence and be nourished into the good fresh fruit out of Thy celestial trees. Endure him to not getting committed to the fresh new proper care of anyone save yourself Thee, inasmuch just like the Thou, Thyself, from potency off Thy sovereign often and you can electricity, didst perform and you will telephone call your with the are. You will find not one other God but Thee, the Almighty, the newest All of the-Once you understand.

Lauded art Thou, O my Best Beloved, waft over your the new nice savors out of Thy transcendent bounty and this new fragrances regarding Thy holy bestowals. Enable him then to seek defense within the trace out of Thy most exalted Label, O Thou Exactly who holdest during the Thy learn the latest kingdom out of labels and you can features. Verily, Thou art potent accomplish just what Thou willest, and you may Thou ways in fact the Mighty, this new Exalted, the Actually ever-Flexible, the fresh Grateful, the new Nice, new Merciful.

O Thou peerless Lord! Let this suckling girl getting nursed from the breast out of Thy loving-kindness, shield it inside the cradle out of Thy protection and you may shelter and give it getting reared on the fingers out-of Thy sensitive love.

O Goodness! Succeed a young child of your empire, and cause it to Thy heavenly domain. Thou artwork strong and type, and you may Thou artwork brand new Bestower, the newest Good, the lord from surpassing bounty.

(New Prayer toward Dead ‘s the simply Baha’i obligatory prayer which will be recited within the congregation; it is to be recited by the one believer if you’re all-present stand in quiet. Baha’u’llah have made clear this prayer is necessary on condition that the new inactive is more than the age of ten, you to its recital need to precede interment, which there isn’t any criteria to face new Qiblih during the recitation. “Allah-u-Abha” is said once; then your to begin brand new six verses are recited nineteen times. Then “Allah-u-Abha” is alleged again, accompanied by the second verse, that is recited nineteen minutes, etc.)

O my personal Jesus! This really is Thy servant and the son out-of Thy slave exactly who hath sensed in Thee and also in Thy cues, and put his face on Thee, wholly isolated off every but Thee. Thou ways, verily, of them which inform you compassion more merciful.

Deal with your, O Thou Which forgivest the sins of males and concealest its faults, due to the fact beseemeth the new heaven out of Thy bounty therefore the sea out of Thy sophistication. Offer your entryway inside the precincts off Thy transcendent mercy one to are until the foundation of earth and paradise. There is no Jesus however, Thee, the Actually-Forgiving, the most Good-sized.

Cultivate it fresh bush on the rose lawn out of Thy love and aid they to enhance from the shower enclosures out of Thy bounty

(Should your deceased feel a female, let your say: This is exactly Thy handmaiden as well as the daughter of Thy handmaiden, etc… .)

Magnificence end up being so you can Thee, O Lord my God! Abase not him which Thou hast exalted from the power of Thine eternal sovereignty, and take off not far from Thee your who Thou hast brought about to go into the newest tabernacle out-of Thine eternity. Wilt Thou cast away, O my Jesus, him which Thou hast overshadowed having Thy Lordship, and wilt Thou change off Thee, O my personal Interest, him in order to whom Thou hast been a retreat? Canst Thou wear out your just who Thou hast uplifted, or forget about him who Thou didst permit to remember Thee?

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